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Broke college student Omega Park Jimin loses his job when the cafe he works at goes under. When a friend jokingly suggests getting a 'Sugar Daddy', Jimin laughs him off. But as he struggles to find a job, suddenly the idea is looking more and more tempting.Rich businessman and CEO Jeon Jungkook is a workaholic who is sexually frustrated and in desperate need of a good orgasm, but with no time or energy to foster a real romantic attachment. When the idea of a 'Sugar Baby' is brought up, he thinks it might be just the thing he needs.Can something that starts out as just sex for money become something more?

Data Capítulos
08/11/2022 Good Boy
08/11/2022 Pretty Boy
08/11/2022 The Offer
08/11/2022 Magic Shop
07/11/2022 Never ever ever
Autor(a): dul_candy22

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